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Posted on Thursday March 22, 2018

by Mike

Pitch-a-Kid is an event where entrepreneurs pitch to kids. It is an incredibly simple concept that can have a huge impact – for both the entrepreneur and the kids. I heard many startups over this past year claim its product may be too complex for kids (generally 3rd grade to 5th grade) to grasp. It was simply “too this or too that” for a young mind to comprehend. I persevered and encouraged many to reconsider as kids have a natural way of sifting through the nonsense and getting to the heart of a product, service, or even a problem. I challenged them to think of ways they could describe their company in such a way that a kid would be able to “get it.” The response was predictable, “But what am I going to learn from a kid? What questions could they ask that help me?” I learned you should never underestimate the power of young minds with a fresh perspective that is hungry to learn.

The judges (and kids in the audience) asked pertinent, relevant, and insightful questions that at times stopped the entrepreneurs in their tracks. I had one entrepreneur even comment the questions the kids asked were the same as the venture capitalists he had been to numerous times. Think about that. Engaged kids having fun were asking the same questions that a venture capitalist may ask. I think we need more of that. Never underestimate kids.

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