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Posted on Monday November 19, 2018

by Mike

Ben Aubin, Founder, Own A Sheep

About Ben

I’m Ben Aubin, a sophomore at E.A. Young Academy in the DFW area. I taught myself programming and I do technical consulting and development for small businesses. I love being an¬†entrepreneur – making things is an amazing experience.

About Own A Sheep

Recently, I launched a new store, Own A Sheep (ownasheep.com), selling high-quality sheep-themed products. Our favorite product is our Sheep Shirt, a beautiful design printed on super-soft tri-blend fabric.


During a school trip to Ireland, I visited a sheepdog demonstration. The farm had a little gift shop with super cute stuffed sheep, so I did the only logical thing: I bought one. Later, our bus pulled over at a scenic mountain-side and we got out to take photos. People wanted to take photos of my sheep and asked to tag me, but I didn’t have an Instagram account, so I made one for my sheep (it’s @benownasheep, in case you’re wondering). A few months later, a friend jokingly offered to design merch for the growing account as a sort of parody of other influencers. A few weeks later, I set up an online store and we started selling shirts.

What I’ve learned

I’ve been doing entrepreneurial activities for a while. When I was about 7, I participated in a camp called Moolah U where I started a business with a group of other kids. It spurred my excitement towards entrepreneurship. Since then, I’ve launched a couple of business. The process has taught me how to bring things to market and what works and what doesn’t. It’s given me invaluable experience and practice that’s massively improved my programming skills. Most of all, it’s given me the confidence I need so that I can just do stuff and make things, and doing stuff is an amazing way to learn.

Own A Sheep Select Products

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The Sheep Mug

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